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At-home Rewards – A Brand’s Guide to Marketing during COVID-19

The New Normal It's been approximately two months now since the Coronavirus began to turn our lives over. From practicing social distancing and becoming accustomed to an indoors-only existence to constantly washing hands and wearing masks, the Coronavirus is something…

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Swipe Right to a Perfect Valentine’s Day Sales Promotion

  No one can blame your brand for getting behind on Valentine’s Day promotions. Most consumers are still clearing away Christmas decor and comparing New Year’s resolutions when February rolls around. The next thing you know, every consumer is out there scrambling…

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Cracking the Promo Code for Gen Z

Gen Z Banner

Just when marketers believe they understand their audience, a new technology, new behaviour or even an entirely new audience alters everything. Yes, this holds definitely true for Gen Z! Also referred to as the iGeneration, this demographic makes up about 32%…

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