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‘Pespsi thi jeet gaya’ was an extension of Pepsi’s global ‘Say it with Pepsi’ campaign. The #PepsiMoji campaign in India was launched during the IPL season. PepsiCo created hundreds of PepsiMojis, so that a consumer could pick a bottle with an emoji that reflects moods like happy, naughty, party, etc. 38 India-specific PepsiMojis were created for Indian consumers including the quintessential tiffin box, dosa, turbaned man, Ranbir Kapoor emoji and Virat Kohli emoji.

BigCity set up and handled the entire technological backbone including prizes to manage the gigantic scale of a ‘Pepsi-campaign’ and deliver a larger than life experience. The campaign went live pan India and multiple redemption gateways were set up to ensure the campaign’s omnipresence.

The contest culminated in customers winning prizes, like Bose speakers, Ducati sports bike and trips to Ibiza and Las Vegas. The bumper prizes included a Rendezvous with Ranbir Kapoor and Practice Session with Virat Kohli.

BigCity handled the winner management, logistics, and gifting for the practice session event with Virat and rendezvous with Ranbir. The winners were escorted to and from the venues and were given goodies and personalized gifts after each of these events.

A sneak peek at how the practice session in Delhi with Virat went for the winners.




Cut to Mumbai, the city of dreams…

Here’s the first winner, with Ranbir Kapoor. We enjoyed hosting him in Mumbai; creating magical moments for customers is what keeps us going. We were even more thrilled when we received his message after the experience.

“It was a superb moment when I met with Ranbir Kapoor. He is really nice and a very grounded person. He told me many things about Bollywood, their schedules, and lifestyle. He was also keen to know about me and current youth-related issues. I thank Pepsi for this amazing experience.  And lastly, a big thank you to BigCity who managed the event and my stay in Mumbai.”




Here’s our second winner who met Ranbir Kapoor that day as well. His rendezvous experience with Ranbir in his own words…

” I’m very honoured and thankful to PepsiCo and BigCity Promotions for arranging my travel, stay and reception in Mumbai. The event was very exciting and Mr. Ranbir Kapoor was very friendly. I am very happy winning this opportunity and want to share these moments with my colleagues and friends on social media. I wish to thank all who were involved in making this happen, I’ve never been this happy and excited!”




And last but not the least, here’s our A-team, who made sure that everything was perfect for both the events.


All in all, a great day for Pepsi fans!



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