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Acer Laptops Retailer Loyalty Program

Acer laptops are typically sold at Multi Brand Outlets. These outlets stock a limited set of laptops per brand because of space constraints. It is a mature distribution system and all products are pushed based on consumer interest and retailer incentive. Acer wanted a solution that could motivate retailers to stock more Acer laptops, thereby pushing sales growth using a Loyalty program.

The idea was to set up a points-based loyalty program where a retailer would earn points on sale of each Acer laptop. Different slabs were created and rewards assigned to each slab in proportion to the points earned. Another concern from Acer was also to make the tracking and redemption easy for the retailers who have a very busy schedule.

We set up a Web-based Loyalty Program wherein our white-labelled platform offered an end to end solution which included rewards, analytics and reporting. Rewards such as smartphones, LED TVs, refrigerators, movie tickets, travel, etc., were loaded on to the platform. It was further integrated with Acer’s internal invoicing system which automated the points earned – and made redemption very easy. Sell More Earn More was very successful, resulting in early achievement of quarterly sales targets.

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