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Ambi Pur – Movie Association


Ambi Pur Car Freshner is used to eliminate tough odors in the car and leave behind an exotic fragrance that’s refreshing. Ambi Pur already had an association with Mere Dad Ki Maruti movie since the movie’s concept was relevant to their brand positioning. They wanted run a consumer promotion which would not only increase the product off takes, but also took advantage of the movie association– especially at the time of its release, thus creating a hype around the product.


Keeping the association in mind – couple movie tickets to Mere Dad Ki Maruti were given away to winners of various contests run by Ambi Pur team on different platforms. The contests were run to create a hype around the time of release of the movie – which generated a lot of conversations online. The free couple movie tickets were also given to customers who purchased Ambi Pur car freshners.


To create a seamless experience for customers who won or received the tickets either via an online contest or purchase of an Ambi Pur car freshner – we tied up with cinemas pan India, so that winners could choose any show and any cinema, as per their convenience.  BigCity handled the alliances, winner management and redemption throughout the campaign


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