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Kingfisher – Gamified Contest


Indian Premier League is one of, if not the most important event in annual marketing calendar in this cricket-crazy nation. Moreover, given beers and sports fit, Kingfisher wanted to use this season to engage their customers and increase sales of their Kingfisher Premium 750 ml bottles.


Given that it was cricket season, we gamified the whole contest where a customer could play one ball on every purchase of a Kingfisher Premium bottle. Every ball played, scored them runs, like in a real game. Based on the runs scored, which could be 0, 1, 2, 4 or 6 – customers received an instant recharge for pre-paid mobile subscribers. In case of post-paid subscribers, the amount was deducted from the next billing cycle. Every run was worth a Rs. 10 recharge. To make this even more exciting, a free hit was offered after finishing an over (after 6 bottles) on the customer’s mobile. This free hit won the customer attractive Kingfisher IPL-themed merchandise which included beer mugs, beer glasses and cricket jerseys.


The campaign went live on over 70 Lakh packs pan India, and was communicated on-ground and online. The customers could play one ball on every pack via a simple SMS – and received instant recharge based on the runs scored. The runs were scored using a random generator on our contesting platform. After bowling an over, the customers got a free hit, in which the customers received Kingfisher merchandise.

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