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Whisper – Online Contest


‘Touch the Pickle’ was how P&G’s Whisper took a stand against menstruation related taboos which are a part of Indian culture. It began with a P&G-IPSOS survey, which concluded that a shocking 50% of urban Indian women still behave in ways prescribed by age-old beliefs. Whisper’s brand purpose is to advocate for and empower women to reach their fullest potential. The Whisper ‘Touch the Pickle’ movement was conceived when the survey revealed that most Indian women were feeling restricted from achieving their dreams because of irrational period taboos.


It was a massive campaign supported by award-winning TVCs and social media contests on multiple platforms. The response to the campaign was overwhelming with 2.9 million women participating. Whisper also roped in multiple female celebrities to further the cause of celebrating womanhood and woman empowerment.


BigCity handled the procurement, partnership and prizes for the online contests on Facebook and Twitter, to power the social media engagement and make it exciting for the participants. There were various activities on Facebook and Twitter where girls were encouraged to share the period taboos they have broken and inspire the world. Taking part in each of these activities accrued points and participants won Flipkart shopping vouchers worth up to Rs. 10,000 and VLCC spa vouchers.


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