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Amit Prabhakar

Head - Partnerships & New Product Development

Amit Prabhakar’s journey spans over 20 years in the industry, including 12 years at BigCity where he leads the partnerships department. His career began in customer support and retail sales, eventually transitioning to product development and alliances at BigCity in 2012. Amit has successfully strategized and executed partnerships across various categories, ensuring BigCity has a diverse portfolio of rewards. He has been instrumental in developing valuable products like cashbacks and onboarding leading partners.

Recognized for his contributions, Amit has received multiple awards for his efforts. Known for his reliability, he focuses on building strong, trust-based relationships and understanding clients’ needs. Outside of work, Amit is an extrovert who enjoys meeting people from different walks of life. When he’s not busy crafting the next big partnership, he’s perfecting his cricket swing, planning his next travel adventure, or watching movies with his dogs, who seem to think they are the real stars!