Hurray! BigCity won the “Best Campaign In India” award for Britannia Milk Bikis Nickname Contest

Merelyn Vanessa

Regional Head - Client Servicing - West

Merelyn is a seasoned Marketing Enthusiast with over a decade of experience, specializing in executing strategic campaigns that consistently yield measurable outcomes. She excels in orchestrating comprehensive client experiences, from initial campaign conceptualization to meticulous implementation. Her commitment lies in delivering tangible results and leveraging advanced marketing technologies to ensure client success and satisfaction.

Merelyn has been awarded ‘Best Employee of the Year’ consistently for 5 years. Through dedication and perseverance, she tackles challenges head-on, diligently identifying the root causes of client concerns. Alongside this proficiency, her excellent communication skills, patience, perseverance, and diligent work ethic play pivotal roles in fostering collaboration and achieving campaign objectives.

Outside work, Merelyn’s life revolves around traveling, good music, and exploring new cafes and food in the city. She loves gardening, is currently investing time in learning Ashtanga yoga, and enjoys DIY projects that keep her creative side active.