Hurray! BigCity won the “Best Campaign In India” award for Britannia Milk Bikis Nickname Contest

Prashant Mittal

Head - Operations

Prashant brings over 16 years of diverse experience across industries such as healthcare, IT, e-commerce, and marketing promotions. Holding an engineering degree and an MBA, he has excelled in various roles, demonstrating a unique ability to drive operational efficiency and innovation. Notably, Prashant spearheaded an initiative to reduce the turnaround time for launching campaigns, successfully cutting it down from two weeks to less than a day through automation and strategic planning.

Prashant’s core competencies lie in his strategic vision and operational excellence, which have been pivotal in his career. His adaptability and eagerness to explore new industry trends ensure that he remains at the forefront of operational improvements. Beyond his professional achievements, Prashant has a hidden talent for running marathons, having completed both half and full 42 km races. He is also an avid follower of industry blogs and LinkedIn authors, constantly seeking new insights and knowledge. And if given the chance, he loves to catch up on some much-needed sleep, proving that even the most driven professionals need to recharge.