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Raksha Shetty

AVP, Business Development - Loyalty

Raksha Shetty’s career spans over 15 years in sales and marketing, and she is currently the Director of Business Development at BigCity. In this role, she leads the BFSI and Loyalty divisions, where she is responsible for developing both short-term and long-term programs for leading brands in India. Raksha’s expertise lies in her ability to strategize and execute effective sales and marketing campaigns, leveraging her extensive industry knowledge and innovative approach. Her proven track record of driving business growth and fostering strong client relationships underscores her professional acumen.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, which has equipped her with a solid technical foundation and analytical skills that enhance her sales and marketing expertise. Beyond her professional life, Raksha is deeply passionate about traveling and exploring new, uncharted destinations, a hobby that fuels her creativity and provides her with unique perspectives she brings to her work. Raksha often jokes that while she’s always on the lookout for the next big sales opportunity, she’s equally excited about her next travel adventure, proving that her zest for discovery knows no bounds.