Hurray! BigCity won the “Best Campaign In India” award for Britannia Milk Bikis Nickname Contest

Vikas Shah


Vikas Shah is the co-founder of BigCity Promotions, India’s premier sales promotion and loyalty rewards agency. With over 20 years of experience, Vikas has been instrumental in shaping BigCity into a 360-degree, process-driven agency, providing end-to-end solutions under one roof. His leadership has propelled the successful launch of over 5,000 high-impact campaigns, effectively advancing the marketing objectives for a diverse range of brands.

Vikas’s extensive multi-industry experience equips him with a profound understanding of client needs and global market trends. He is highly skilled at leveraging advanced technology to elevate customer experiences and has been a key driver in the digital transformation of loyalty and reward programs, particularly post-COVID. This shift to digital has established new industry benchmarks, enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of redemption processes.

Renowned for his innovative and strategic mindset, Vikas consistently crafts award-winning campaigns tailored to the unique requirements of various brands. His hands-on approach ensures that BigCity remains ahead of industry trends and continues to deliver exceptional value to its clients.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Vikas enjoys hiking, cycling, and was once a drummer. He is also family-oriented, adeptly balancing his personal interests with his professional responsibilities. His dedication to continuous innovation and excellence cements his position as a pivotal figure in the loyalty and rewards industry.