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Assistant General Manager

Vijeesh has 17 years of experience in the customer service industry and has been leading the operations team at BigCity for the past seven years. He focuses on ensuring customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty, and promptly addressing concerns. His strategy emphasizes clear communication, empathetic interactions, and efficient problem-solving, resulting in repeat business, positive reviews, and a strong brand reputation.

Known for his strengths in communication and team building, Vijeesh has managed numerous challenging projects, particularly in customer reward fulfilments and query management. He excels in planning and deploying resources to handle challenging campaigns without compromising on fulfilment or delivery turnaround time (TAT). Vijeesh’s core competencies include teamwork, communication, and mentoring, and he holds certifications in Customer Experience (CX), BPO management, and Team development. When he’s not sorting out customer queries, Vijeesh might be found planning his next big trip or devising a clever sports play, proving that his knack for solving problems extends well beyond the office.