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Cadbury Play More & Score More

Team BigCity - June 12, 2024 - 2 min read

Team BigCity

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Cadbury wanted to leverage their sponsorship of the Indian Premier League (IPL) to create an immersive experience for its consumers whilst driving repeat purchase during this key trading period.

To achieve this, we created ‘Play More & Score More’, a platform where fans could take part in daily cricket-based Trivia Quizzes, and Predict and Win options during live matches, placing Cadbury at the centre of the action. Repeat purchase was driven by collecting ‘Runs’ for the chance to win a range of aspirational prizes. Either through purchasing special Cadbury packs, participating in games, trivia or sending messages of support to the IPL groundsmen.


By tapping into the psyche of the cricket fan via a variety of gamified touch points, via one single app, and by incorporating a mechanic that made participation infectious and highly competitive not only did we drive sales significantly, but we also drove sharing on social media to new levels. In part through dynamic live in match gameplay and in part through incorporating the nations appreciation for the unsung heroes of the IPL, the groundsmen.

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