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The Top 7 Trends in Consumer Promotions

Team BigCity - June 10, 2024

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BigCity, a leader in consumer promotions in India, has run over 6000 campaigns for 400+ clients. Key trends in promotional marketing are:

  1. Experiential Rewards: Post-pandemic, consumers prefer experiences over digital rewards, creating stronger brand connections and social sharing.
  2. Digital Transformation: Instant digital rewards are crucial. BigCity uses technology to create smooth promotional experiences, like personalized messages for Covid-19 frontliners.
  3. Gamification & AI: Brands use gamified experiences and AI to engage customers and collect data.
  4. Long-term Strategy: Continuous, relevant promotions build consumer habits and long-term loyalty.
  5. Data Awareness: Consumers value their data and expect rewards for sharing it. Brands should ask for minimal data and offer value in return.
  6. Targeted Content: Tailored content and rewards boost engagement and loyalty, especially during seasonal promotions.
  7. The Metaverse: This new digital space offers unique engagement and revenue opportunities through AR/VR, cryptocurrency, and NFTs.

BigCity uses these trends to help brands create successful promotional campaigns.

Some astonishing statistics we collated?

6000+ campaigns delivered by BigCity 400+ clients served 37% of Indian consumers value experiences over products (BCG report) 35% of business executives say digital transformation improves customer satisfaction 38% of executives plan to invest more in technology for competitive advantage $6.8 billion to $40 billion: Expected growth of the gamification industry from 2018 to 2024

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