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Transform Engagement with Effortless Rewards Integration

Seamlessly Embed our Expansive Rewards Marketplace Into Your Existing Programs, Apps, and Platforms Via API, Webhooks and SDK Solutions

Why work with us

Effortless integration

Seamlessly integrate our comprehensive rewards catalog into your existing web or mobile applications without changing your current vendors.

Diverse reward options

Offer a wide range of rewards including digital vouchers, physical products, cash payouts, and exclusive experiences to delight your customers.

Automated fulfillment

Benefit from our fully managed reward catalog, integration, and fulfillment services, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both you and your customers.

Advanced security

Ensure secure transactions and fraud prevention with our state-of-the-art security measures and fraud detection systems.

Types of rewards

Points, cashback, affinity - Unlock engagement and gratification

Digital gift vouchers
Offer your users a choice of over 250 branded gift vouchers, covering e-commerce, high street shopping, dining, and more.
Physical rewards
Provide a range of physical rewards including electronics, appliances, and automobiles to drive customer aspirations.
Cash payouts
Enable automated digital payouts into UPI, wallets, or user points accounts, allowing loyalty points to be converted into instant cash payouts.
Deliver memorable experiences from exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday indulgences in pampering, entertainment, travel, and more.

Feature-rich and worry-free integrations

Seamless integration, Diverse rewards, and Robust security for Optimal performance

Integration with any existing web or mobile apps

Plug and play mechanisms that integrate with anything yours.

Fully integrated reward catalog

Access a comprehensive and diverse rewards catalog that is continuously updated and managed for your convenience.

Inbuilt automated fulfillment & support

Benefit from our automated fulfillment processes and dedicated support team, ensuring timely and efficient reward delivery.

Fraud detection and security

Protect your transactions with advanced security measures and robust fraud detection systems to ensure safe and secure reward management.

Made in India - For the world

Our adaptable solutions cater to various objectives and budgets, ensuring the perfect fit for your unique needs

10,000+ reward partners

Partner with a vast network of over 10,000 reward options including gift vouchers, physical products, experiences, and more to offer unmatched variety.

Personalized UI/UX

Elevate your brand experience with tailored landing pages, engaging gamification, and integrated brand messaging, delivering a cohesive and immersive journey for your audience.

Detailed reports and analytics

Leverage comprehensive reports and analytics to gain insights into reward redemption patterns and program performance.

Tax compliance

Ensure all reward transactions are compliant with relevant tax regulations, simplifying the management of tax obligations.

Automated bulk processing

Streamline program management with our automated platform, covering everything from rule creation and legal compliance to winner management and settlement, all without the need for manual intervention.

Gamification & engagement tools

Incorporate gamification elements such as sweepstakes, auctions, and spin-the-wheel to make rewards fun and engaging for users.

Working with the world's leading brands since 2006

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