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Versatile Promo Tech Platform that Scales Effortlessly, Offers Ready-to-Use Templates

For Acquisition, Retention, Engagement, and Gamification

Why work with us

Seamless scalability

From startups to industry giants, our promo tech platform effortlessly caters to businesses of all sizes, ensuring your campaigns reach their full potential

Quick fire launch

Choose from over 100+ marketing use cases - from acquisition drives to engaging gamification experiences, empowering your brand to stand out

Fortified security

With cutting-edge encryption and stringent security protocols, rest assured your data and campaigns are shielded from cyber threats, safeguarding your brand's reputation

Actionable insights

Harness the power of real-time analytics and actionable insights to optimize your campaigns, refine your strategies, and achieve unparalleled marketing success

Types of programs

Points, cashback, affinity - Unlock engagement and gratification

Digital assured reward programs
Explore assured rewards programs tailored to enhance customer engagement and loyalty
Instant wins, lasting joy
Your chance to win big with our exciting prize draws. Create anticipation and excitement with every single participation.
Cashback programs
Instant, hassle-free cash payouts directly to bank accounts, mobile wallets. or via UPI.
Engaging contests
Compete, Thrive, and win: Energize your audience with thrilling contests that ignite passion and participation.

Ignite reward programs with our home-brewed platform built for complexity, scale and accuracy

Our adaptable solutions cater to various objectives and budgets, ensuring the perfect fit for your unique needs

Instant purchase validation

Our platform offers multiple modes of purchase validation, including on pack unique codes, QR codes, OCR based Receipt Recognition, and POS integration, ensuring fast and accurate validation for every transaction.

Quick-fire templates for dynamic promotions

Choose from a variety of quick-fire templates such as gift-with-purchase programs, instant wins, contests, and gamified experiences, all designed to engage your audience across multiple channels with scale, precision, and ease.


Integrate games of chance, games of skill, AR and mobile first game engines into your promotions with well-defined rules to drive maximum engagement and participation.

Robust fraud detection and security

Our platform employs advanced fraud detection measures to safeguard against misuse and ensure legal compliance, providing you with peace of mind and protecting the integrity of your promotions and reward programs.

Made in India - For the world

Our adaptable solutions cater to various objectives and budgets, ensuring the perfect fit for your unique needs

Complex promo rules and validations

Empower your campaigns with intricate rules and validations, from minimum purchase requirements to location-based restrictions, ensuring seamless prize disbursement and security.

Custom UI/UX

Elevate your brand experience with tailored landing pages, engaging gamification, and integrated brand messaging, delivering a cohesive and immersive journey for your audience.

First party data management

Harness the power of 'opted-in' first-party data through our reward programs, managed and processed seamlessly to fuel your marketing strategies and insights.

In-built promo mechanics

Drive diverse marketing objectives effortlessly with our automated programs, including first-purchase incentives, UGC campaigns, and engaging games of chance or skill, all validated and ready for deployment.

In-Built program handling and management

Streamline program management with our automated platform, covering everything from rule creation and legal compliance to winner management and settlement, all without the need for manual intervention.

Insight-driven solutions

Leverage consumer insights, drive desired behaviors, and test loyalty with our platform's built-in analytics capabilities, including basket-level analysis for deeper understanding and optimization.

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