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Why BigCity rewards?

Rich category of rewards at your disposal

Reward your customers with access to the latest movies, concerts, and exclusive events to ensure memorable experiences, fostering strong emotional connections by harnessing partnerships with over 200+ brands covering more than 500+ cities.
Inspire wanderlust with our travel rewards including flights, hotel stays, holiday packages and day out experiences. Offer your customers the joy of adventure and relaxation while enhancing brand loyalty with our travel rewards network that includes 150+ travel partners.
Health & Pampering
Promote well-being with rewards such as salon & spa sessions, wellness retreats, health check-up's and fitness memberships. We reach over 300+ cities with 100+ wellness partners.
With over 5000+ restaurants in 300+ cities in our network, give your customers a wholesome dining experience. Delighted by gourmet & 5-star dining events, your customers will be spoilt for choice.
Engage your customers with exciting activities like amusement park tickets, adventure sports, and cultural events. Our network's broad coverage, with over 250+ activity partners, ensures that these activities are accessible to customers in 100+ cities.
Digital Gift Vouchers
Choose from a wide range of value based digital gift vouchers in online shopping, entertainment, food, travel, health, fitness and many more. A network backed by 500+ brands with instant and seamless redemption, perfect for all use cases.
Money Can’t Buy – Grand Prizes
Create unforgettable moments with exclusive VIP, sports & match day experiences, behind-the-scene tours and celebrity meet-and-greets. These larger-than-life rewards generate great engagement and brand value for your customers.
Virtual Rewards
Tap into the digital era with virtual rewards such as bitcoin, gaming credits & in-game avatars. Stay a step ahead with these futuristic rewards to keep your younger, tech-savvy customers engaged.
Provide practical rewards like fuel vouchers, bill payment credits and more. From extensive partner networks involving over 100+ utility providers, these rewards are easily accessible and highly beneficial.

We combine creativity, technology and rewards to drive engagement

A promotech company specializing in tactical & loyalty campaigns using rewards, engagement-based technology and loyalty strategy backed by AI & Insights