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Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to meet the folks who not only make the impossible seem easy but also claim that planning a picnic in a hurricane is a walk in the park. Behold, the enigmatic minds behind our success, our Key Management Team!

Vikas Shah
Vikas Shah, co-founder of BigCity Promotions, is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Under his leadership, BigCity has launched over 5,000 high-impact programs, building a loyal client base and driving marketing objectives. Known for his expertise in technology and strategic implementation, Vikas has been at the forefront of digital transformation, ensuring efficient and innovative loyalty and reward solutions.
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Prashant Mittal
Head - Program Delivery
Prashant is an experienced operations leader with over 16 years, in industries ranging from healthcare to IT, e-commerce and marketing promotions. Known for his efficiency improvements and strategic innovations, Prashant holds an engineering degree and an MBA. Outside of work, he enjoys running marathons and catching up on sleep.
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Kalyan Volety
VP - Technology
Kalyan is a seasoned tech professional with over 20 years of experience in diverse technologies. Currently serving as VP of Technology at BigCity, he excels in building and leading tech teams and developing robust technology platforms. Outside of work, he enjoys cricket and playing table tennis.
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Vinay Jain
Director - Business Development
With over 20 years of experience in driving business growth and building strategic partnerships, Vinay Jain is a seasoned sales professional currently serving as the Director of Business Development for the North Region at BigCity Promotions.
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Akansha Bohra
Director - Business Development
With 14 years of experience in driving business growth and fostering client relationships, Akansha Bohra leads BigCity’s business for the South & West regions. She is known for her consultative approach and innovative solutions, which has resulted in multiple award-winning campaigns. Outside of work, Akansha is an art enthusiast and loves to travel.
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Raksha Shetty
Director - Business Development
Raksha Shetty is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, currently serving as the Director of Business Development at BigCity. She leads the BFSI and Loyalty divisions, developing impactful programs for leading brands in India. Outside of work, she is passionate about traveling to new, uncharted destinations.
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Mayank Shukla
Regional Head - Client Servicing - South
He is passionate about problem solving, brands and business strategy. Mayank Shukla has over a decade of experience in branded media operations, strategy, and client-facing roles. He has successfully collaborated with more than 100 top corporate and educational sector clients on various impactful projects and numerous consumer and trade campaigns.
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Poojaa Sharma
Regional Head - Client Servicing - North
A business-savvy professional with over 16 years of experience in managing customer and client relations, Poojaa excels in handling end-to-end loyalty marketing programs and sales promotions. Outside of work, she is a passionate long-distance runner, filmmaker, and writer.
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Merelyn Vanessa
Regional Head - Client Servicing - West
Experienced marketing professional with a focus on strategic MarTech campaigns, boasting a decade of industry expertise. Proven track record in guiding cross-functional teams to deliver high-impact solutions and achieve substantial revenue growth. Outside of work, Merelyn is passionate about gardening, outdoor pursuits, travel, culinary arts, and music.
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Surabhi Ghosh
Director, Loyalty
An experienced client servicing professional with 11 years in the loyalty marketing industry, Surabhi excels in loyalty program management, implementation, market research, and customer success. She is passionate about dance and spirituality, often immersing herself in texts like the Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta.
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Rahul Poral
Director, Marketing
A keen marketer with over 14 years of experience in sales and marketing, specializing in strategizing and executing impactful campaigns. A weekend musician and avid nature enthusiast, he is passionate about solving marketing challenges for brands and helping them achieve their objectives.
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Neha Baranwal
Senior Manager, HR
Neha is an HR professional with over 6 years of experience in Talent Acquisition and employee management. She excels in optimizing hiring processes and bridging the gap between employees and employers. Outside of work, she enjoys experimental cooking and cycling.
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Amit Prabhakar
Head - Partnerships and New Product Development
Amit Prabhakar brings over 20 years of expertise in partnerships and sales to his role at BigCity, where he builds strong brand collaborations. When not at work, Amit enjoys cricket, traveling, and spending quality time with his dogs.
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AVP - Product Development
A dynamic, meticulous, organized and self-motivated professional with close to 20 years of experience in diversified industry verticals with a proven track record in developing and managing key partner relationships. Mousumi leads the Product Development, Partnerships, and Strategic Alliances Team at BigCity. She broadens our partnership footprint across the ecosystem as we continue to outgrow the market.
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Vijeesh Madhav
Assistant General Manager, Operations
Vijeesh is a seasoned professional in Operations and Customer Experience, boasting 17 years in the field. He currently heads the winner management team at BigCity. Beyond his professional endeavors, he is passionate about sports and travel.
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Our commandments to navigating the good path

Join us, where your career will be so rewarding that even our loyalty programs might get jealous!

Innovation at core

We live and breathe innovation, harnessing technology and creativity to construct unparalleled campaigns

Rewards-powered engagement

Engagement isn't just a goal; it's our essence, fuelled by rewards and designed for action

Meticulous delivery

Precision is our promise, whether it's managing complex campaigns or ensuring every detail is just right

Insightful strategies

Our strategies are driven by insights, fine-tuned for maximum ROI

Client-centric flexibility

We're not just partners, we're problem solvers always finding solutions and never backing down from a challenge

Creative storytelling

Our stories blend seamlessly with a brand's ethos, preserving its unique position in the market

Meet the team

And now, stepping into the limelight, we present the unsung heroes who claim to be part-time comedians, full-time problem solvers, and experts at juggling more tasks than your morning coffee. These multi-talented individuals not only craft creativity but also master technology, delivering results with a side of laughter – our Remarkable Team!

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